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Mr Tingle Mr Tingle

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I like this.
It has a nice, creepy, feel to it due to the almost "scribble" look. (and not like, "you don't know what you're doing" scribble)

It's great with it's compilation of ideas too. An elephant with a top hat and goggles. Priceless. Not to mention the extra yellow/green colors and rest of the small amount of background are enough to make this picture look... not JUST a focal picture.

But, as you know. All greatness comes with constructive criticism. :P
His body seems to be a little misplaced in relation to his head. Its almost like his neck is a little far to the right. So it looks as if he's posing sort of strangely, rather than just standing there. Which, in my opinion changes the entire look of the art in a very small way.

But that's pretty much all I can say is "wrong" with it, because in art, there really is no wrong. (Look at Picasso and Dali. Hehe) and I'm unsure if you meant it to be that way in the first place.

Either way. Keep up the good work, yo.

Word up.

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Marmitebrain responds:


I don't really know what i'm doing. Just playing around with this medium. It's not one i'm that used to. I like the different marks you get from this medium.

This started out as a procrastination for stuff I was supposed to be doing. I killed twenty minutes on it

And yeah tis a bit slap dash. That head was annoying me too. One ears too big ha ha ha.

Thanks for you critique bro it's very flattering.